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Atomic Lantern

Atomic Beam® Lantern shines 360-degrees of bright light wherever and whenever you need it. This lantern uses flat LED panels. Its stronger and brighter than your ordinary flashlight or lantern. Use Atomic Beam® Lantern for working on your car, boating, camping, blackouts, and emergencies. The lantern is equipped with a magnetic base so attach it to any metal surface or use the hook for hands-free light. Turning Atomic Beam® Lantern on and off is easy. Just pull up to turn on and push down to turn off. It blows other outdoor lanterns away and is the ultimate light for camping and hiking!

  • Super bright LED panel lights
  • Easy on, easy off feature
  • Magnetic base
  • Built-in hanging hook
  • Great for automotive work, boating, camping, blackouts, and emergencies
  • Brighter than ordinary lanterns

Atomic Beam USA

Atomic Beam USA® is one of the most powerful tough grade tactical flashlights. Its LED lights shine bright, up to 5,000 lux. That’s 40 times brighter than ordinary flashlights that output 125 lux. Not only is this LED flashlight water-resistant and shock resistant, it is features a lightweight, compact design. There’s an adjustable focus, from spotlight to floodlight. Choose from 5 beam modes: high, medium, low, S.O.S., and strobe. The S.O.S. setting is perfect for roadside emergencies. Atomic Beam USA® has a tough grade aluminum case so it can withstand almost any abuse.

  • Up to 40x brighter than ordinary flashlights
  • 5,000 lux output
  • Adjustable focus: spotlight to floodlight
  • 5 beam modes: high, medium, low, S.O.S., strobe
  • Tough grade aluminum case
  • Shock-resistant and water-resistant

Atomic Lighter

Atomic Lighter™ is the fuel-free rechargeable lighter that lights the first time every time. The flameless lighter utilizes plasma arc tactical technology so it can withstand wind and rain. It creates fire the first time, every time. No gas, no butane needed. Atomic Lighter™ is rechargeable so it’s ready to go every time. It holds up to 100 lights per charge. When you need a recharge, just plug in the USB charger. There’s no flint so even if it gets wet it still lights — it even works in the windiest of rainstorms. Unlike rinky-dink ordinary lighters that blow out with a whisper, Atomic Lighter™ won’t let you down!

  • Fuel-free rechargeable lighter
  • Does not use gas or butane
  • Holds up to 100 lights per charge
  • No flint – lights if it gets wet
  • Windproof lighter to withstand storms
  • Great for candles, BBQs, bonfires, and more
  • Includes Atomic Lighter™ and USB charging cord

Shipping Note: Due to Hazmat regulations, Lighter™ cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes

Atomic Beam Head Light

Atomic Beam™ Headlight. is the ultimate hands-free light. Wearing Atomic Beam™ Headlight is like having a powerful LED flashlight on your forehead. It is up to 40x brighter than an ordinary flashlight. Atomic Beam™ Headlight has an incredible 5,000 lux output. The headlamp swivels 90° and has an adjustable focus from spotlight to floodlight. It’s great for every emergency from auto to plumbing. You can even use this LED headlight for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, or late night BBQing. Adjustable clips on this headlight give you a comfortable, secure fit. Choose from three beam modes: high, low, and strobe.

  • Powered by Cree LEDs
  • Adjustable focus: spotlight to floodlight
  • 3 beam modes: high, low, and strobe
  • Adjustable strap clips
  • Headlamp swivels 90°
  • Easy access on/off switch
  • Great for emergencies and outdoor activities

Atomic Beam Glove

Put the power of two flashlights in the palm of your hand with the Atomic Beam™ Glove. It has breathable silk-like fabric that stretches to fit any size hand. Attached are two ultra-bright LED lights. Its design allows the glove to be worn on either hand. It’s perfect for working on electronics and computers. The easy on/off button is a cinch to operate. Now you can pinpoint light where you need it! Store one in your tackle box for fishing, in your sewing box for crafts, or in your vehicle to use under the hood. Shine light on whatever you need with Atomic Beam™ Glove.

  • Power of 2 flashlights
  • Bright LED lights
  • Use on left and right hand
  • Breathable silk-like fabric
  • Easy on/off button
  • Perfect for working on electronics, crafts, and more
  • Pinpoints light where you need it

Atomic Charge Wallet

Atomic Charge Wallet carries your essential cards and cash, and charges your smartphone on the go. Your credit card information is safe inside Atomic Charge Wallet, thanks to RFID Blocking Technology. This slim, aluminum charging wallet boasts a sleek design that is lightweight and easily fits into pockets, purses, and more. Its internal accordion design makes accessing your cash and credit cards easy. It eliminates having to carry a portable phone charger. When your phone needs charging, simply plug it into your wallet! Wallet with built-in portable charger

  • RFID protection
  • Slim and sturdy aluminum casing
  • Android and iPhone compatible
  • Dimensions: 5 inches X 2 inches X 1 inch . Weight: 1 pound
  • Includes one Atomic Charge Wallet and USB charging cord
  • Does not include phone charger

Shipping Note: Due to Hazmat regulations, Atomic Charge Wallet cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes